Pet Fish Doctor

4580 Crackersport Rd
Allentown, PA 18104


Pet Fish Doctor offers fish veterinary care for every species of pet fish.   Pet Fish Doctor offers services for privately owned aquariums and ponds and retail/wholesale and breeding facilities.  Dr. Palmeiro makes pond/tank calls!

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services:
Pet Fish Doctor is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for the complete health care needs of your pet fish. Many diagnostics can be done on site (pond side or tank side).  No need to transport your fish! House calls (to your pond or tank) are readily available.

We also have a full service pet fish hospital located in Allentown, PA.   You can bring your sick fish here for a full evaluation and treatment. 

Preventative Health Care:  Dr. Palmeiro offers routing preventative health care programs for your pond or aquarium.  Yearly or biannual visits to evaluate your pond/aquarium and fish health.  Disease prevention is extremely important!  Discounts are available for clients in these programs.

Retail, Wholesale & Breeding Facilities:  Dr. Palmeiro offers routine visits to these facilities to diagnose and treat disease, develop fish health programs, improve production and decrease losses.

Interested in having Pet Fish Doctor lecture for your organization?  Please email us!