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Dr. Brian Palmeiro, Fish Health Specialist
Dr. Brian Palmeiro Veterinarian
Fish Health Specialist

Dr. Brian Palmeiro received a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University with a major in animal science and a minor in marine biology.While at Rutgers, he worked as head aquarist at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences.  Dr. Palmeiro attended veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating, he worked as the staff veterinarian for a large ornamental fish wholesaler where he worked with a variety of fish species.  Dr. Palmeiro is a board certified specialist in veterinary dermatology and owns a referral dermatology practice (Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology) and fish hospital in Allentown, PA.    Dr. Palmeiro is a fish veterinarian that does consultations for private koi/goldfish ponds, aquaria and other fish retail, wholesale and breeding facilities.  He is an aquatic animal medicine consultant for the Veterinary Information Network (VIN).  Dr. Palmeiro is involved in various studies focusing on ornamental fish health including a research project establishing normal biochemistry values in koi and research on microbiological (bacterial) characteristics of koi ulcer disease.  He has given numerous lectures and laboratories on fish medicine to hobbyists, veterinary students and veterinarians.  Dr. Palmeiro recently created and directed the first clinical rotation in pet fish medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.   He is a founding member of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medicial Association, and a member of the Fish Veterinary Society.

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